Dear Diary

She's thirteen and she doesn't yet know
    who she is or who she'll be.
But the curly haired boy beside her has
    captured her heart and invaded her daydreams.

Twenty times she writes her name with his and swears
    "one day it will be mine"

    **Dear Diary, she writes,
        not much new; but he's all I can think of.
        Dear Diary, I know,
        I know how it feels to be in love.

She's eighteen and it's graduation day.
    And she just knows
that the blue eyed boy on the football team
    will be giving her his ring.

Twenty times she wrote his name with hers, not knowing that
    she was one of many others.

    **Dear Diary, she cries,
        not much new; just my life falling apart.
        Dear Diary, now I know
        how it feels to have a broken heart.

The years go by,
    and how they fly.
How different life seems
    between thirteen and thirty-three.

Twenty-Thousand times she signed her own name . . .  

    **Dear Diary, She writes
        for the last time, I'm free.
        Dear Diary, I know,
        finally know what it means to be me.

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