Does the Shark mop work?
OK, so I decided to let my first review be a positive one.  The simple answer to the above question is, YES.

     I received a Shark mop as a gift a while back, not the expensive one that vacuums as well, the little one that just steam mops the floor.  Anyway I was a little skeptical about how well it would work.

     We've all seen the ads for the miracle cleaning products that take off "years" worth of nastiness in one single swipe of a sponge.  I often wonder how recently the "years" worth of nastiness really accumulated.  And while I like the Swiffer products, I've noticed that the Swiffer mop is only used on laminate tile flooring.  This is fine because laminate surfaces are smoother than real ceramic or porcelain tile, which can tear a wet Swiffer cloth to shreds.

     Besides all of that I am slightly germaphobic.  It does not matter how "clean" a product makes my house smell, if it does not sanitize as well, I do not want it.  These were the basic reasons why I was skeptical about the Shark mop.  Their sales pitch was that there was no need for chemicals at all because the super heated steam would loosen dirt and grime and kill germs.

     I opened the box, looked over the instructions and set it to the side.  I was going to test and see just how well this thing worked.  I went to my kitchen, swept the entire floor,  ran a sink full of hot water, added Lysol and mopped the floor.  The one thing I truly hate a bout mopping is waiting for the floor to dry.  While I waited, I assembled the Shark mop.  Finally the floor was dry and it was time to test this miracle mop.

     I plugged it in and started mopping.  The first thing I noticed was that the tile was only wet for about a minute after I ran the mop over it.  After I finished I turned the mop over and was shocked that the white cloth cleaning pad was now BROWN.  I could not believe that there had been that much crud still left on my floor.

     I can now honestly say that I LOVE my Shark mop and have permanently retired my old rag mop.  I have used it so much that it is almost time to replace the cloth cleaning pads.  For my peace of mind however, I still like use a little Lysol on the areas of my floor near the trash can, stove, toilet, and a few other areas, but I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

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