The Trouble With Ricotta Cheese

This is my first post in this section so I am making it brief.

    For those of you who enjoy cooking and/or experimenting with Italian food, I have a question.
    Have you ever tried to make Lasagna or some type stuffed pasta?  Then you know that many of these recipes call for Ricotta cheese.

    The trouble with Ricotta cheese is that rarely do we use it the same day it was purchased.  So after it sits in your fridge a day or two, it is more like a white blob of stiff cheese than a smooth creamy cheese.
    Some would say that the simplest solution would be to let it sit out on the counter for a bit until it is room temperature, or stick it in the microwave for a few seconds if you are in a hurry.
    While both of these suggestions would work to some degree, simply warming it up is not always enough.  And since microwaves vary depending on their age and the manufacture, it is hard to tell just how long to heat up anything without over doing it.  So here is a hint that solves the problem.

2 Tablespoons of warm water

    Simply mix the Ricotta cheese and two tablespoons of warm water in a bowl and VOILA! The problems solved.  Not only have you not over heated the Ricotta cheese, but the extra moister has given it that rich creamy texture you were looking for.  Who knew something so simple could do so much?

    Now that's done, what are you going to make, Lasagna, Stuffed Pasta Shells?  Maybe some Cannolis drizzled with chocolate, Yum.  Whatever the case, here are a few links to some great  Ricotta cheese recipes.

Food Network

Bon Appétit!

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